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You vs the Collector

Here is a scenario that many Edmonton tax payers face. You have been dreading this day for a long time.  You have had countless sleepless nights with worry.  You never told your spouse about the letters and phone calls from the Canada Revenue Agency.
One day your spouse pumps gasoline into her car and goes inside to pay with her debit card and the card is rejected.  She had no cash. She cannot pay for the gasoline.  She calls the bank to find out why her card did not work.  She was told by the bank that the Canada Revenue Agency has frozen your bank accounts.  She calls you ——–THE DAY FINALLY HAS ARRIVED. She needs Edmonton tax debt help. This actually happened to a client of ours. This is what will happen to you if you are a non-filer and ignored the Canada Revenue Agency’s repeated request for you to file your tax returns. The Canada Revenue Agency has arbitrarily assessed you under Subsection 152(7) with a “made up figure” and now there is a legal assessment against you.
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At this point you should contact a competent tax practitioner who will preserve you legal rights. (You probably came to this website by searching a term such as Edmonton Tax Consultants) Now there is an enforceable debt against you and you are likely facing phone calls, home visits and letters from your friendly Canada Revenue Agency’s collector.  (Incidentally, I get along well with most collectors from the Canada Revenue Agency, although, I find the young untrained ones to be somewhat challenging!)
The collector’s job is to collect from you and he or she does not care that you have other commitments.  They believe that “the taxpayers of Canada are financing you lifestyle” and after all they paid their taxes.  Actually, they are correct because everyone should pay tax, but only if they owe it.
The collector does not care that the arbitrary assessed returns are over stated with maybe no expenses taken into consideration.  They will tell you that “the system says you owe X amount and it is correct”.  They will do anything that they can to collect the debt.  They do not care if they disrupt your life or anything else.  Remember you are the person who did not file your returns.
At Cawston & Associates, non-filers make up about 40% of our practice.  We are experienced in this matter and will get you filed up to date while protecting your rights.  We will deal with the Canada Revenue Agency for you.  We will try and make a payment arrangement for you.
If there is no way to pay the debt we can talk about bankruptcy and alternatives to bankruptcy.
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This article was written by W. N. Cawston who has been in the Income Tax Business since 1970 when he was an employee of the Department of National Revenue (now called the Canada Revenue Agency) in Calgary.
One of Mr. Cawston’s jobs was to monitor the collection section to ensure the Policies and Procedures of the Department were being followed.
Also one of his jobs was to recommend prosecution for non-filing.

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